332/333 Autoalarm Receiver


Frequency Range: 585 to 615 metres (512 KHz to 487 KHz)


The Marconi Auto-Alarm consists of receiver type 332, selector type 333, switch type 272, charging board type 242 and three alarm bells.

Type 332 receiver is a combined tuner and amplifier employing three tubes. The first tube, type DER is used as a detector with regeneration. The second tube, also a type DER, is an audio amplifier while the third, type DE7 is used for relay circuit control. 

332/333 Autoalarm Receiver Manual  PDF(Courtesy Laval Desbiens via Spectralumni)

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1) Spectralumni  http://www.spectralumni.ca/
2) Laval Desbiens <desbiens.laval(at)videotron.ca>


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May 12/08