AR-2 and AR-6 Receivers


Type: Receiver with DF capability
Modes: AM/CW/MCW
Frequency Range: 140 - 400 KHz and 480 KHz to 21 MHz
Circa: 1941-1944
RCAF  REF. No. 10D/1275
Comment : AR-2 was the 12 VDC version while the AR-6 Receiver was the 24 VDC version. The AR-2 was paired with the AT-1 transmitter when used with a 12VDC power source.

One application for these radios found its way into the Blackburn Shark aircraft.
In another application,  the AR-2 /adio was fitted into boats of the RCAF marine squadrons.
For a complete writeup on the AR-2 by David Lawrence VA3ORP, select this link.

AR-2 receiver. (Photo by Jerry Proc)

Rear view . (E-bay photo) 
 General view of the chassis. Some of the components are missing. (E-bay photo) 
Bottom view of chassis. (E-bay photo) 

ar2_remote control.jpg
This AR-2 remote control 10D/1277 was built by Northern Electric rather than Canadian Marconi. Perhaps it was a second sourcing.  (Photo by Jerry Proc) 

Contributors and Credits:

1) Observations on the RCAF AT1/AR2 - General Purpose Radio by Dave Lawrence, VA3ORP
2) Tom Brent <navyradiocom(at)>

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