ATR-11Transmitter Receiver

There were a number of sets that were unique to the RCAF during World War II and, except for the AR-2/AR-6 receivers and companion AT-1/AT-7 transmitters, all the others have poor documentation availability.

The intended use for the ATR-11 was for aircraft-to-aircraft and aircraft-to-ground communication. By having autotune capability, it eliminated the need for a dedicated radio operator. The radio covered the frequency range of 2.5 - 6.0 MHz. Accessories included a control box for the pilot's use and of course a separate dynamotor power supply that is surprisingly small by military radio standards. Another accessory was a low frequency tuner that fed into the ATR-11. This enabled reception of radio range stations and low frequency navigation beacons in the 200 - 400 KHz range as well as switch selection of 278 KHz, a common airfield communication frequency for many years.

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1) Tom Brent <tgb(at)> for the ATR-5 schematics

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