CN 86 Seaway Marine Radio Telephone


Model: CN-86
Common Name: SEAWAY
Power: 60 watts into a 10 ohm load
Mode: AM radiotelephone 
Frequency range: 1.6 to 6 MHz 
Frequency control: Crystal
Channels available: 10 
Vintage: February 1960
Power: 32 VDC @ 14.5 A or 110 VDC @ 4.4A or 220 VDC @ 2.9A or 
117 VAC 60 Hz @4.1 A
Dimensions: 22.75"H x 16.75"W x 11.75"D
Weight : 85 pounds
Number of transmitter  tubes: 8
Number of receiver tubes: 7 

CN86 with front covers on and external power supply.  This CN86 is missing its handset which is normally cradled at the left top.  (Photo courtesy Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa) 
A typical shipborne installation. (Drawing courtesy Canadian Marconi)

CN-86 front view with covers off.  (Drawing courtesy Canadian Marconi)

At the left are a pair of CN86's in their native habitat - the bridge of a ship. Such was the scene aboard the icebreaker Camsell, radio call sign CGCW. One of the CN86's was remoted  to the "Monkey Island"  navigating position, while the second unit was remoted to the Captain's cabin. The Camsell had just come back from a three month stint breaking ice for the Arctic resupply during the summer of 1968. The photo was staged for the magazine. (From the 1968 winter edition of Beautiful BC Magazine)

Contributors and Credits:

1) Canadian Marconi Company, Montreal. CN 86 Manual #131-841
2) Frank Statham <fstatham(at)>

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