CSR-5Y and Diversity Reception

The Marconi CSR-5Y, a variant of the CSR-5, was altered for diversity reception. Rather than having a toggle switch for the AVC, a three position rotary switch is used. It is marked  AVC - OFF - SINGLE. The Send/Rcv switch is eliminated since the receiver is intended to be in receive mode all the time. There is a screw-on microphone type chassis connector fopr the AVC line.

The AVC was probably derived from an external comparator when in Diversity mode. In all other respects, the ' Y' variant is identical to its more common cousin.  The CSR5Y would mostly likely be found in a shore installation.


Basically the CSR-5Y is the same as the CSR-5 series found elsewhere in the web page. The CSR-5Y has the 2 screw terminal audio tap, dual ganged shaft crystal filter and restamped 6SG7 labels for V2 and V4.

From the nameplate:

CSR5Y    #105-865 Serial 112
Pat'd 1927-44
Spec 105-927

CSR-5Y owned by WF2U. (Photo by Meir, WF2U)

During WWII, most Marconi CSR5's saw service in shore installations. They could be used for single receiver reception (Model CSR5 or 5A) or in diversity mode using the Model CSR-5Y .This rare, but low-res photo illustrates three CSR-5Y receivers in a triple diversity configuration. (Photo source unknown) 

Top and rear view of chassis with cover in place. Since CSR5Y's were mainly  rack mounted, Marconi made a custom cover for the unit. (Photo by Meir, WF2U)

Rear of chassis.  (Photo by Meir, WF2U)
csr5y_rear_ pwr_connector.jpg
Closeup view of power and signal connectors.  (Photo by Meir, WF2U)

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1) Meir Ben-Dror, WF2U <wf2u(at)ws19ops.com>

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Dec 23/07