Instructional Transmitter and Modulator


Transmitter Type: Experimental - 200 Watts
Modulator Type: Experimental
Modes: CW/AM
Frequency Range: See placard on transmitter - at least 80 to 20 metre range
Power Output:  200 watts
Frequency Control: Oscillator (assumed)
Circa: WWII era
Comment: Pictured are transmitter S/N 253 and modulator S/N 103

This transmitter and modulator came from "Room 19", a wireless training class at King Edward School in Vancouver.

In 1926, the Vancouver School Board established a radio operator training course in Room 19 of the old King Edward High School located on the corner of Oak Street and 10th Avenue, with Walter Lambert as instructor. This was later moved downtown when the Vancouver Vocational School was established.

Walter Lambert in uniform. 
Room 19, under the stewardship of Walter Lambert,  produced many radio operators for the merchant marine and the armed forces during WW2. He was a  real character and a strong disciplinarian. That facility continued to turn out radio operators into the early 1960's. A strong esprit-de-corps developed among the Room 19 graduates which continues to this day. In their first ever reunion,  several hundred Room 19 graduates attended from all over the world.
This original placard suggests the transmitter's operating range.
All photos in this table by Bruce MacMillan. From the SPARC Museum collection.

Instructional Modulator.  All photos in this table by Bruce MacMillan. From the SPARC Museum collection.

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