Although this web page deals mostly with Canadian Matconi vacuum tube equipment, it was difficult to resist the temptation to post information about some of the solid state radios produced by for Marconi or for them by contractors.

Model 450 shown with carrying case and packaging box. Download images to enlarge. ( Images via E-bay)

 MODEL 455

Model 455 Serial number 947, circa 1958; uses four, 1.5 Volt cells. (Image via E-bay)
Model 488  eight transistor radio circa 1957. Frequency range: 540 to 1650 KHz. Current draw: 7 to 40 ma depending on volume level. (Image via
Model 488 PCB. (Image via 
Model 488 in tan and blue cases. (Image via E-bay).

488_eatons_ad.jpg /488_french_ad.jpg
Model 488 as it appeared in the Montreal Eaton`s catalog in 1959. Note the high price for this radio but that was the cost of portability in the early days of solid state radio. . This appears to be the only transistor CMC radio that Eaton`s sold.  (Images provided by Lewis Bodkin) 

MODEL  489.

Model 489 Comstellation . Eight transistor radio.  (Image via
Model 489 battery installation instructions instructions printed on an interior tag.. 

MODEL  588

Canadian Marconi, 8 transistor radio, Model 588. Broadcast band only.  It uses the same circuit board as the Emerson Model 888 Pioneer radio, circa 1967. (Photo via E-bay)
Model 588 with rear cover in place. (Photo via 
Model 588 showing the placement of the cardboard battery barrels. This particular example appears to be powered with an AC power pack.(Photo via 

MODEL  626

This Model 626, six transistor, puck-style radio, was likely  manufactured as a promotional item for Maurice "The Rocket " Richard. He was team member #9 who played 18 seasons in the National Hockey League for the Montreal Canadiens. It is believed that this is the bottom view of the radio  The tuning and volume dials  are at the 11 o'clock position in this photo but are basically hidden out of view. 
The speaker is likely the top of the radio. 
Model 626 internal view. Frequency range: 540 to 1600 KHz; Audio out 120 mw. Speaker is 2.5 inches. The tuning and volume dials can be clearly seen in this view. 
 Photos in this table via Ebay. Download images to enlarge

The entire 2000 series of transistor radios can be viewed here.

MODEL 2000

Model 2000 front view.
Model 2000 inside view.
Model 2000 nameplate. THis radio was made for Canadian Marconi in Japan. 
All photos in this table via E-bay. 

MODEL 2005

Model 2005 front view
Model 2005 internal view
Model 2005 nameplate data. 
All Model 2005 photos in this table via E-bay. Download images to enlarge. 

Model 2007

2007 front view
2007 rear view showing nameplate. 
All photos in this table via E-bay.

MODEL  2011

Model 2011, six transistor radio. Tuning range: 540 to 1600 KHz. Audio output 120 mw.. (Ebay photos) 
MODEL  2108
Model 2108. Circa 1968. (Via

3602_01_02_console_s.jpg Model 3602 Canadian Marconi stereo console with record player. Click on thumbnail to view all documents about this device.  (Photos by Josh Behrends)

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