Above and below: A Canadian Marconi sales brochure promoting the series 80 receivers. Circa: mid 1930s.  Download images to enlarge. (Images via E-bay)

Promotional jackknife. (Photo by Kevin Christopher) 
This is the cover of the Scientific Experimenter catalogue which catered to the amateur radio market. (Provided by Lewis Bodkin)

Canadian Marconi post-letter telegram from 1934. Download image to enlarge. (Image via E-bay) 

Above and below: Canadian Marconi Company  promotional playing cards  These came in either a black or green deck. Each deck had guilded edging. (Images via E-bay)

19i/marconi_towers_glace_bay.jpg2001: On the 100th anniversary of the first wireless transmission across the Atlantic, the Royal Canadian Mint issued this $5 coin in 2001 to commemorate the event.  Minted, were 15,011 copies of the coin,  It was issued in conjunction with a similar coin from the British Royal MInt which also commemorated the successful transmission of the first wireless message from Poldhu in Cornwall, England, to Signal Hill in St. John's Newfoundland.  Guglieimo Marconi lived from 1874 to 1937. (Images via E-bay) 

matchnook2.jpg /matchnook1.jpg
Above and below: Canadian Marconi matchbooks (Photos by Lewis Bodkin)

This 48 cent commemorative envelope, issued by Canada Post, shows the communication towers that  Guglielmo Marconi erected at  Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. Download to enlarge. There were 10,000 envelops printed. (Canada Post product  # 341594) 

_war_poster.jpg Canadian Marconi WWII poster. Cllick on image to enlarge. ( Via E-bay) 
1949_marconi_poster.jpgT Thorough illustrations, this 1949 ad appeared in a magazine for Canadian school kids to teach them how companies operate.  Click on image to enlarge. (Via E-bay)

keyring1_ebay.jpg /keyring2_ebay.jpg
Side 1 Side 2
Does anyone know the event for which this key ring was supposed to signify? Click on image to enlarge. Contact:  (Images via E-bay)

Above and below: Marconi 3 ring binder. (Via E-bay) 
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