Old Radio Components, and Miscellaneous Items.

Billi Condenser
Crystal receiver
Disc Condenser
Grid Leak Detector Rheostat
Horn Speakers
Keys made by Canadian Marconi
Marconi Station At Yamachiche , Quebec
Old Miscellaneous Components #1
Old Receiving Components (SEL Catalogue, March 1921)
Old Transmitting Components (SEL Catalogue. March 1921)
SEL Catalogue February 1922
T. Eaton Toronro Catalogue 1923 (Example of front and back covers)
Tona-Phone pickup arm
Transformer #1  , Early power transformer. Note the Marconi name cast  into the bracket.
Tuning Condenser

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1)  Lewis Bodkin  <05bodkin555(at)gmail,com>

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Mar 11/23