TR-200-RS Transmitter


Type: TR-200-RS   No. 84038
Frequency Range: 1.6 to 6 MHz (185 to 50 metres)
Modes: CW/AM
Power output: 50 or 200 watts
Frequency control: 3 crystal controlled channels.
Microphone: Crystal
Dimensions: 34 inches H x 19.5 inches W x 17 inches D
Primary power: 115VAC 60 Hz.
Circa: July 1939
Manual: #302

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Provided by Ted Thorpe, VE3HPL

TR-200 schematic
TR-200 Operating and Installation Manual. 
A higher quality image of the schematic (27 mb) is available on request from:

Contributors and Credits:

1) Ted Thorpe, VE3HPL <ve3hpl(at)>

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