On build, HAIDA's HF/DF birdcage antenna was fitted to the mainmast so the HF/DF office and the DF outfit would have been located below the mast in the 2nd Wireless Office. Initially HAIDA was fitted with the FH-3 HF/DF outfit but later upgraded to an FH-4.

Later on,  in the September to December 1944 refit, the 291  radar was moved to the 2nd Wireless Office and the DF birdcage antenna was relocated to the foremast. In doing so, this would have vacated the 291 office and that's likely where the FH-4 DF equipment was fitted.
1944 To 1949
The birdcage HFDF antenna remained on the foremast until HAIDA commenced her mid-life modernization in 1949.
HFDF Office 1946 - View of forward bulkhead. At the left is a B-28 receiver. In the middle position is an FH-4 HF/DF unit and its power supply at the right side. Note the flexible voice pipe at the top right side . The FH4 tuned 1 to 24 MHz and employed a CRT for direct visual bearing indication. Shown in the photo is the FH4 Type 2. The Type 1 had the stepped out front panel. (RCN photo # HS1749-65) 

Because the FH-4 lacked a band changing switch, the operator had to swap coils when changing bands. Coils were stored in boxes on either side of the FH-4. The one on the right is partially obscured by the voice pipe.  The coil boxes had metal stays to prevent the coils from jumping out in high seas. 

A better view of the FH-4 power supply . Note the junction box for the four coaxial cables which connect to the antenna frame coil.  (RCN photo # HS1749-66) 
Photos in the this table came from the collection of the late John Rouey of Ottawa. 

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