The people listed below were kind enough to provide information for this research paper. A special thanks goes to Allan Riley who meticulously recorded his war experiences in a series of diaries which were later converted to a manuscript. It would not have been possible to develop certain sections of this research paper without those documents. This list was current as of 1995.
Baines, Raymond RCN/CAF Halifax, N.S
Barnhouse, Patrick RCN/CAF (Ret'd) Ottawa, Ont.
Bellefontaine, Ed P1RM RCN/CAF Clearbrooke, B.C.
Brent, Tom Consultant Dewdney, B.C
Burke, Ted  RCN Ottawa Ont.
Bruner, Richard Foxboro, MA
Buck, Richard  Cdr RCN/CAF Ottawa, Ont.
Canning, R.(Bob). NRS Halifax Halifax, Ont
Charles, John A.  Cdr ( Ret'd) RCN/HAIDA (D) Victoria, B.C.
Dean, James RCN/CAF  Ottawa, Ont.
Dennet, Jack RCN/CAF Orleans, Ont.
Dill, John M. W.O. USN Kingsville, Texas
Dixon, Harold  WWII Telegraphist  RCN/HAIDA Minooka, Ill.
Dunbar, Frank LCdr (Ret'd) RCN/HAIDA (D) Oakville, Ont.
Dukat, Frank USN Los Altos, California
Gardiner, Harry RCN/HAIDA (D) Halifax, N.S
Goodwin, Al
CWO RCN/HAIDA Dartmouth, N.S.
Gregory, Lawson RCN/HAIDA (D) Woking, England
Hargraves, Harry RN  Nepean, Ontario
Harrington, Al Tel/SO RCN Sherwood Park, Alta
Hedley, Ken RCN/HAIDA (D) Guelph, Ont.
Herman, Jeffrey ex-USCG Hawaii, USA
Janes, William RCN Perkins, Ont.
Jardine, Fred Chief LT RCN/HAIDA
Keene, Harold Ldg/Tel RCN/HAIDA Sarasota, Florida
Kennedy, Keith W., C2NET(s) RCN/CAF Surrey, B.C.
Legg, W.E. Curator HMS Collingwood Fareham, England
Leppard, Ron RCN Chezzetcook, N.S.
Mac Askill, Neil CPO2 RCN/HAIDA Dartmouth, N.S.
Macdonald, Ken CS RCN (D) Downsview, Ont.
Mann, David Consultant Anguilla, B.W.I.
Mason, Geoff Consultant HMS Collingwood Bristol, England
Mccaw, Hugh RCN  Winnipeg, Man.
McDunnough P.W. CPO2 CAF/RCN Halifax, N.S.
McLean, Gregory RCN/HAIDA Abbotsford, B.C.
Monroe, Stan Ldg/Tel RCN/SACKVILLE (D) Etobicoke, Ont.
Moore, Frank Consultant Oshawa, Ont.
Murton, Hedley RN/RCN Calcot, England
Patterson, Stew RCN/HAIDA Dawson Creek, B.C.
Poole, W.J. Commander CAF/RCN ( Ret'd) Halifax, N.S.
Powroz, W. John P. C1RM4a RCN (D) Bedford, N.S.
Raine, Jack ex-RCN/HAIDA (D) Vancouver, B.C.
Richardson, Dale USN - Ret'd El Paso, Texas
Riley, Allan RCN/RCAF (Ret'd) Meadford, Ont.
Robinson, Ray Australia
Roscoe, Spud CS RCN Halifax, N.S.
Sandison, John RCN (D) Regina, Sask
Scotten, Ken  Captain(N) Ret'd 97 RCN
Sigrist, Jerry  RCN Blockhouse, N.S.
Tubman, Eric RN Canterbury, England
Walling, David RCN/HAIDA Lindsay, Ont.
Ware, Fred Tel/TO RCN/HAIDA (D) Woodstock, Ont.
Warman, Herb RCN/HAIDA Dartmouth, N.S.
Wells, Jack LCdr (Ret'd) RCN/HAIDA  Dartmouth, N.S.
White, Ray CPO2 (Retired) RCN Ottawa, Ont
Willson, Robert A. Cdr CF/RCN ( Ret'd) Toronto, Ont.
Young, Albert LCdr RCN (D) Halifax, N.S.
Zoscheke, Paul RCN/HAIDA Blind River, Ont.
(D) Known to be Deceased

The above people provided the initial input for the development of this web page in the 1994 to 1997 time frame. As additional material was provided, those individuals are credited for their contribution at the bottom of each document.
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