CFS Alert: Photos 3 - HADCS

The HADCS microwave link spans the northern half of Ellesmere Island. The repeaters are generally located on mountain tops that have a clear view to the neighbouring repeater. The separations between pairs of repeaters vary from 18 km (Black Top to Skull) to 121 km (Grant to Ida). The highest repeater site is Grant at 1256 m (4120 ft.) above sea level.  The system consists of repeaters named as follows: Grant, Ida, Victor, Whiskey, Yankee, and Black Top. Skull Point is the location of the Eureka satellite dishes. (Graphic source unknown at this time) 

Black Top Mountain repeater station. The old style battery banks are to the left of the tower structure.  (From the DND photo library via Joe Costello)
'Yankee' repeater station with a summer maintenance flight atop the landing pad. (From the DND photo library via Joe Costello)

Station 'Victor'  of the HADCS UHF chain. (Photo by Tim Christie) 

This pictorial illustrates the radio links between the communications satellite, the HADCS microwave relays,  the two earth stations in Eureka plus the local facilities in Eureka. (From the booklet "Visitor's Guide to Eureka 2004-1". Submitted by Bill Robinson)

The Upper Paradise site is located on a hillside approximately north of the Skull Point earth terminal. The original HADCS system used the antenna to the right in this photo. An additional and somewhat larger antenna was installed during the HADCS II upgrade, and is currently in use. The small (3.7 m) reflector to the left has been used in experiments to receive certain TV signals from the south. This photo was taken in July 2005. (Photo by Rai LeCotey, MSN Groups).

This photo details the mechanical structure which supports the dish. Note the very low angle to the horizon.  (From the Alert photo pool. Submitted by Joe Costello)

Skull Point earth station equipment as seen in February 2006. The equipment is finished in a paint known as "Telesat Blue".   (Photo by  Rai LeCotey, MSN Groups).

Credits and References:

1) Victor station photo -
2) Rai LeCotey, MSN Groups
3) Joe Costello <joe(at)>

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Feb 3/08