Listed below is the job description for a Radioman circa 1963. This is taken verbatim from the Radioman Trade Group 1 Manual.

- Operating all types of radio communication and radioteletype (RATT) equipment.

- Receives and records Morse, voice and radioteletype transmission.

- Transmits by Morse, voice and radioteletype.

- Processes message under direction, encrypt and decrypt call signs.

- Employs basic electronic countermeasures (ECM) techniques under direction.

- Morse typing and manuscript reception at 22 wpm and manual Morse transmitting at 15 wpm. Teletyping at 35 wpm.

- Basic knowledge of military and commercial Morse and voice procedures, military teletype procedures.

- Basic knowledge of:

  • The Canadian Naval Communication system.
  • NATO.
  • The British Commonwealth world wide radio organization.
  • US Naval broadcast and ship-shore services.
  • Fleet radio organization.
  • Procedures for emergency destruction and disposal of classified communication material.
  • Must be able to speak English clearly and write legibly.


    * Preventative

    - Assists more qualified tradesmen in performing preventative maintenance routines on all equipment of his trade.

    - Performs routine testing and tuning and makes minor adjustments on all equipment of his trade.

    * Corrective

    - Makes repairs as directed by more qualified tradesmen. Must have sufficient knowledge to replace fuses, tubes and lamps. Limited skill in use of common hand tools including soldering iron. Basic knowledge of repair techniques. Comprehensive knowledge of safety precautions required when dealing with electrical and electronic equipment, regulations for safety when working aloft, first aid for burns, shock, etc.


    - Amends publications and handbooks peculiar to the department as directed. Must have basic knowledge of applicable publications, special terminology and amendment procedures.

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