Canadian Marconi CN-86 SEAWAY Radiotelephone


Model: CN-86
Common Name: SEAWAY
Power: 60 watts into a 10 ohm load
Mode: AM radiotelephone 
Frequency range: 1.6 to 6 MHz 
Frequency control: Crystal
Channels available: 10 
Vintage: February 1960
Power: 32VDC @ 14.5 A or 110VDC @ 4.4A or 220VDC @ 2.9A or 
117VAC 60 Hz @4.1 A
Dimensions: 22.75"H x 16.75"W x 11.75"D
Weight : 85 pounds
Number of transmitter  tubes: 8
Number of receiver tubes: 7 

A typical shipborne installation. (Drawing courtesy Canadian Marconi)

CN-86 front view when extracted from cabinet.  (Drawing courtesy Canadian Marconi)


1) Canadian Marconi Company, Montreal. Manual 131-841

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Dec 9/06