COAL HARBOUR, B.C. (1940 -1942)
The Royal Canadian Air Force began work on a seaplane base and reconnaissance station at Coal Harbour in 1940. In the beginning of operations, a half dozen or so Royal Canadian Navy ratings were employed in HFDF operations here for the purpose of providing additional bearings on Japanese radio traffic being monitored by the RCN signals intelligence station at Gordon Head. . Due to an organizational change in 1942, these ratings and the ones from Ucluelet were withdrawn and moved to Gordon Head.
Coal Harbour is located on the northern portion of Vancouver Island. (Map courtesy Google Maps)

Charles Aitkens was first employed as an operator by the government radio service on the coast of British Columbia in the 1920's. In 1939, he went to work for the RCAF and part of his work was scouting out suitable radio sites on the west coast, which would include the DF installations at Coal Harbour, Ucluelet and Alliford Bay. This photo was taken just offshore from the Coal Harbour townsite, looking north. .(Photo from the Charles Aitkens collection)

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