Wavemeters G61, G62 plus oscillator G35 constitute Wavemeter Outfit GJ.

G61 (circa 1937) is a HF wavemeter. 1000 Khz to 24 MHz in five ranges. It uses a 1,000 KHz crystal oscillator as a fundamental frequency.
G62 (circa 1937) is a MF wavemeter 15 KHz to 2500 KHz in eight ranges. It uses a 100 KHz crystal oscillator as a fundamental frequency.

The crystals are enclosed in a thermostatically controlled oven. Measurement accuracy is +/- 1 KHz.

These wavemeters can be used for tuning a transmitter to a desired frequency or in conjunction with oscillator G35, for measuring the frequency of incoming signals and calibrating receiver outfits.

G35 (circa 1938)  is a CW or MCW oscillator (500 Hz tone) covering the range of 15 KHz  to 25 MHz in eleven ranges. It can be used for the following:

  To set a receiver to a desired frequency.
As a heterodyne wavemeter to measure the frequency of an incoming signal.
As a heterodyne receiver to measure the frequency of a local transmitter.

G35 oscillator (Image courtesy BR-222)
Crystal oven for Outfit GJ (Image courtesy BR-222)
There is no compete image of Wavemeter Outfit GJ in BR-222.

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