Inuvik - Receiving Site Satellite Photos 
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#1 - This aerial-mosaic from 1973 shows a 300 meter clearing for a Pusher antenna, an array of towers and the area occupied by the Operations Building. In a Pusher, the inner ring of antennas is 50 meters in diameter while the outer ring is 150 meters.
(Government of Canada, Photomap 107B/7, submitted by Bill Robinson)
#2  - 2006: Relative distance from the Town of Inuvik to the Operations Building as denoted by the green arrow. (Image courtesy Google Maps)
# 3   2006: Close up of the base property showing the relative distance to the main road. (Image courtesy Google Maps)
#4  2006: This view from an equivalent altitude of 4,000 feet shows what's left of the entire receiving site. 1. Operations Building 2. Unknown 3. Pusher antenna. (Image courtesy Google Maps)

Does anyone know, or can confirm,  that the AN designator for the Pusher antenna is AN/FRD-13? 

# 5 2006: Exiting the Pusher antenna circle is a J-shaped road. It was not there when Inuvik was active.  This is a natural gas line. Natural gas is sent to Inuvik via underground pipeline which originates 50 km north of Inuvik in the Caribou Hills.(Image courtesy Google Maps)
# 6 2006: Closeup view of the structures within the inner circle of the former Pusher antenna . A large structure has been built in the circle since Inuvik closed. What is it?  (Image courtesy Google Maps)
#7 2006: Just north of the Operations building ( green arrow) is an inverted Vee shaped road. What was here?  (Image courtesy Google Maps)
#8  2006: Closeup of Vee shaped road. What was it for? (Image courtesy Google Maps)

Contributors and References:

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