Inuvik - Transmitting Site Satellite Photos 
2006: Site X, north of the Dempster Highway, was Inuvik's transmitting site and was shared with Department of Transport facilities. The photo also illustrates the relative distance from Site X to Inuvik airport in the lower right hand corner of the photo. (Image courtesy Google Maps). 

2006: A closer view of the sites 'X' and 'Y'. Today, this transmitting site remains active with NavCanada, the Canadian Coast Guard and some military applications.  (Image courtesy Google Maps). 

2006: The closest view possible of Site X. (Image courtesy Google Maps). 
2006: The site on the south side of the Dempster highway is only shown here for completeness. (Image courtesy Google Maps). 

Contributors and References:

1) Google Maps
2) Paul Komaromi <komar(at)>

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July 28/06