Leitrim - Old Antennas
This topographical map of CFS Leitrim  is dated 1970 but shows information dated as 1968. In evidence are the three rhombic arrays plus the CDAA site that was started but never constructed. (Map image from the collection of Bill Robinson)
leitrim_1970a22250_32s.jpg This is a general view of the Leitrim property taken on May 11, 1970 from an altitude of 2,500 feet. North is approximately at the 11 o'clock position. The Pusher antenna has not been built yet but it shows up in photo A23612-12 dated September 1973. Its construction can therefore be narrowed to the 1970-1973 time frame. The rectangular building with the dark grey roof is the new operations building built in 1968 for about $500,000.  (National Air Photo Library photo # A22250-32) 
leitrim_rhombics_s.jpg This is a rendering of the three rhombic arrays on the property. Unfortunately the third array could not be rendered since it was not possible to locate a photo which spanned the necessary distance. (National Air Photo Library photo # A22250-32) 
The area within the red circle was graded for a new CDAA array (model unknown)  but never completed. The access road to the site has been highlighted in yellow since its currently covered by vegetation. (Photo courtesy Microsoft Live Maps) 


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