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1958: Archie Reed is front row centre. All others are unidentified. 
1958 Inspection: Ceremonial divisions was a parade that took place at irregular intervals but always occurred when SOSRS (Senior Officer Supplementary Radio System) made his annual inspection.  In this case, SOSRS  Commander (SB) D.S.K. Blackmore, is shown preparing for the inspection. The officer reporting to him is the Officer-in-Charge, CMD. O. (SB) Harry Stroud. Mr. Stroud was a former CPO 1st Class (C1CS4) who had been commissioned from the ranks in the Special Branch, thus the abbreviation Cmd. O. (SB). Later, in 1966 or so, as a Lieutenant Commander he served as CO at Alert. Harry is now deceased.
1958 Inspection: The sailors being inspected are wearing the blue winter jersey which originally was worn in wintertime when blue caps were worn. However, the RCN (and, incidentally, the USN and all the Commonwealth Navies) abolished the blue winter cap in 1956. 

The blue jersey was discontinued several years later. The beards, of course, always were a navy affectation, but in the SRS branch were seldom worn. It would appear that the OIC had given permission to the station personnel to wear beards in Masset. In Churchill, beards were permitted only after the individual requested permission to discontinue shaving. One proviso, however, was that leave was stopped until the beard was presentable. Thus most men opted to continue shaving.

All photos in this table are from the collection of D.S.K. Blackmore. Submitted by Donna Loewen

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