AOR/Annapolis/IRE/Iroquois/Mackenzie/St. Laurent Classes - Teletype, Message Handling and Crypto Equipment
The equipment is listed in the identical order to that of the source material.
Model Description  Comments
REC 10  DC Loop Supply - 120 VDC  60 ma Can source sufficient power for up to five Teletypes. 
REC 13 DC Loop Supply - 120 VDC 60 ma Can source sufficient power for up to ten Teletypes.
PP 5203 DC Loop Supply - 120 VDC  60 ma Provides DC power for teletype circuits. 
C 5128/FGC Transmitter control  Used in conjunction with teletype equipment to key a transmitter. Manual or automatic control is provided. 
Manual - control of transmitter keying is provided by a switch located near teletype equipment.
Automatic - Transmitter is automatically keyed when the 0/60 Baudot DC pulses are detected. A built in time delay circuit will automatically switch to the receive function in the absence of teletype pulses. (Photo courtesy RCN)
SB 5106 60 ma Monitoring Panel  
SB 5107/SGA 502 Meteorological Black Patch Panel Purpose - Provides patching facilities from the receivers to the teletype or Mufax equipment. Red and Black patch panels were made by Presentey Engineering Products, Ottawa. Vintage :1972. See Teletype terminal equipment photo elsewhere in this document
SB 5108/SGA 502 Patch panel.  
SB 5109/SGA 502 Meteorological Black  Patch Panel Purpose - Provided patching facilities from the receivers to the teletype or Mufax equipment.
SB 5110/SGA 502 Red Teletype Patch Panel For patching crypto equipment  to teletype equipment. 
TT 23/SG TP P/P Teletype Patch Panel  aka SB5072. Provides patching of teletype equipment to various frequency shift converters/keyers or tone modulated terminal equipment .[1] (Photo by Jerry Proc)
SB 5072 TP P/P Patch Panel   
SB 5112 UCC1 P/P Patch Panel   
AN/SGC1A Teletype Terminal Unit TT40A/SGC-1A Uses tome pairs of 500 Hz (space) and 700 Hz (mark) to key a UHF transmitter. (Photo by Jerry Proc)
KY 5021/1215 or 1215A  Keyer for HF transmitter Purpose - Used in the transmit path to convert 60 ma DC Baudot code pulses from the teletype equipment to audio tones for the transmitter. Produces 1575 or 2425 Hz shifted tones for HF. See photo below.
KY5021/1215 UHF Keyer Keyer for UHF transmitter Produces 500 or 700 Hz shifted tones for UHF transmitter. See photo below.
CV5087 (P) UGC 1200 baud Frequency Shift Converter. 100 wpm The CV5087(P)UGC is designed to provide optimum detection of frequency shift keying signals with shifts between 170 and 2000 Hz, and with keying rates from 30 to 300 baud. The converter accepts audio signals from a communications receiver, demodulates these signals, and uses the resultant output for keying a standard neutral telegraph loop.
MX 5136/UGC Model 1250 Display Unit Purpose - Provides a visual tuning display for the received input signal to the CV 5087 (FEC 1200) converter. In addition, it can monitor the output from the CV 5087 demodulator when switched to the "W" position. See photo below as Model 1250.
CV 483/URA-17 Comparator Converter Group Purpose - AN/URA 17 consists of two CV 483 converters. It converts the frequency shift audio signals from a receiver into DC Baudot code pulses for the teletype equipment.

Description - The AN/URA 17 can be used as two independent converters or as a comparator converter.
Narrow frequency shift uses 1000 Hz with a shift between 10-200 Hz  (Narrow is used on LF frequencies with audio frequencies of 957.5 and 1042.5 Hz) Wide frequency shift uses 2550 Hz as the mean frequency with a shift from 200-1000 Hz.
(Wide is used with HF frequencies with audio frequencies 1575 and 2425 Hz). Runs at 100 WPM  maximum. (Photo courtesy RCN)

AN/UCC 1C or 1D  Telegraph Terminal/Multiplexor Depending on configurations, this equipment can be used for either transmit or receive. Canadian ships normally used two converters (765 Hz and 2125 Hz). It enabled several teletype circuits to use one RF carrier by using 16 narrow band ( +/- 85 Hz) channels.  See photo below.  Vintage 1967 
Model 28KSR  Printer Teletype Corp. page printer 100 wpm. Can run on 60 or 75 WPM circuits, however the gears need to be physically changed. (Photo courtesy Teletype Corp)
AN/SGA 501  Transmit control indicator To automatically key the transmitter when the two audio tones are received from the keyer. Operates on the following tone pairs: 500/700 Hz or 1575/2425 Hz. See Teletype terminal equipment photo elsewhere in this document

Manufacturer: Northern Radio, Ottawa Ont. 
Manual Reference: BRCN 4549

Model 28 Reperforator Tx/Rx Teletype Corp. Reperforator  For producing chadless Baudot tape.
Model 28 Reperforator Rx Teletype Corp. Reperforator  The receive reperforator does not have a keyboard
Model 28 TD Transmitter - Distributor Reads Baudot tapes (Photo courtesy Teletype Corp)
Univac 35  Teletype machine  
Univac 1259  Teletype machine This photo of the 1259 in a computer room was dated 1966. (Photo courtesy Brian Sullivan web page)
Converter  Sw Assembly    
CV 2757 Link 14 Con    
XFK  Frequency Shift Keyer (Photo by Jerry Proc)
G5243/ URA501    
AN/UYK-502  General Purpose Computer See photo and copy below.
AN/USQ-69 VDU Video Display Unit Purpose - Microprogrammed CRT display device that provides operator interface with a system computer.
Description - Enables manually preparing, displaying, editing and entering data into and out of the computer See photo below.
AN/UCG 504  Terminal/Printer Speed - 50 to 2400 baud (selectable 50, 75, 100, 110, 150, 200, 300, 600, 1200 and 2400 baud. See photo elsewhere in this document.
CV 5144/U P/P Converter Patch Panel Purpose - To interface between crypto gear and Message Handling System providing:
(a) High to Low level signal conversion.
(b) Low Level to dry contact signal, conversion. 
(c) Low level patching.
 (d) Straight through patching.
PP 5318 UPS Uninterruptable Power Supply  If the ship's power is out of specifications, the transfer switch disconnects ship's power, starts the inverter which connects l8-6v batteries to the computer 
Description - Transfer switch monitors under/over voltage and under/over frequency. Maximum battery time is 5 minutes. Typically used with the UKY-502 computer and USH-26 mass storage unit. 
UPSA-l000  UPS system analyzer Purpose - tests the UPS performance.
AN/USH-26 Mass Storage Unit  Uses cartridge tape and interfaces to computer to store and retrieve data at 48,000 bits per sec. Storage Capacity - 24 Million bits. See photo below
KW-7  On-line, send/receive  ORESTES 
KW-37  On-line, crypto receiver  JASON
KWX-7 Remote Control Panel for KW-7  
RACE Off line crypto System aka KL-51
[1] East coast ISL and 265 class ships used one of these for receiving and one for transmitting. Both were Black patch panels. West coast ships used a Red and Black patch panel combined.


1980s_teletype_mhs_block_s.jpg Block diagram of a message handling system showing the relationship between the UYK-502 computer and the crypto equipment. Click to enlarge.
(Diagram courtesy Canadian Navy)
1980_teletype_teletype_system_s.jpg Block diagram of a 280/AOR class teletype system. Note the two circuits connecting to the MET office. Click to enlarge. (Diagram courtesy Canadian Navy)
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Teletype terminal equipment. (Photo courtesy Canadian Navy)
1215  Tone Keyer
Manufacturer: Frederick Electronics, Frederick Maryland 
Vintage: 1965
1200 FSK Demodulator
Manufacturer: Frederick Electronics, Frederick Maryland 
Vintage: 1965 
1250 Display Unit
Manufacturer: Frederick Electronics, Frederick Maryland 
Vintage: 1965
AN/ UGC-504 terminal/printer, 50 to 2400 baud. (Photo courtesy Canadian Navy). 

For detailed information about the UGC-504, please select this link to the document created by Dave Hunter, VY2AC .

AN/USH-26 Mass Memory for use with AN/UYK-502 . Note the two tape drives with a tape cartridge inserted  into the left most unit. (Photo courtesy Canadian Navy)
AN/USQ-69 Data Terminal Set (DTS) .(Photo courtesy Canadian Navy)
AN/UYK-502(V), a 16 bit general purpose minicomputer . Micro Programmed Controller (MPC) logic from the UYK-20 was repackaged onto a set of 6" x 9" modules for the UYK-502. The Canadian variant was built by Sperry Univac in Winnipeg with the majority of them being made between 1982 and 1985. 

This computer became a standard in the Canadian Navy and was commonly found in ship's Message Handling Systems.  Its replacement was the UYK-507 which then became the mainstay computer.  (Photo courtesy Canadian Navy)

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