Welcome to Churchill booklet. This was issued to newly posted personnel.   (Image courtesy Rowland E. Fell)

CFS Churchill jacket patch for Yellow Watch. (Image provided by Roger Lambert) 

church_ftchurchill_building_layout_s.jpg This is the building layout at Fort Churchill circa 1965. Click to enlarge. That sketch was part of the information package that was given to the wives of those stationed at Churchill.  (Provided by Roger Lambert)

HMCS Churchill decomissioning mug. (Photo by Roger Lambert)

When CFS Churchill closed down, this commemorative mug was made in the name by which most of the serving personnel were most familiar with and that was HMCS Churchill.

Credit and References:

1) Rowland E. Fell <refell(at)>
2) Roger Lambert <rcnlambert(at)>

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Feb 3/16