1953: The original WREN contingent at Churchill, December 1953. 
Back Row: Doreen Patterson, Lil Arnold, Lorraine Brown, Betty Rivers, June Buchanan
Front Row (L-R) Noni Haig, Billie Totten, SLt Barb Schmidt, B.J. Layton, Phillys (Ma) Chandler.

Irene (Lowen) Whalley will join the group on Feb 1, 1954. Although their strength was anticipated to rise, there were only eleven Wrens posted to Churchill -  ever. Once this initial group left, no other Wrens were posted to Churchill. (RCN photo courtesy Terry Whalley)

The Bombardier B-12 snowmobile is a source of amusement to Wrens Lorraine Brown (left) and Doreen Patterson ( right) who have to take CPO G.F. Roe's word that front wheels aren't a necessity. They were part of a contingent of ten Wrens who had just arrived at Churchill to start their service there.

John Murison recalls. "When Chimo closed  in 1952, the RCN shipped our snowmobile to Churchill. It got to its destination aboard the icebreaker C. D. Howe".

(Photo from Crowsnest Magazine, November 1953) 

This is what a well dressed Wren will wear when travelling by dog-team at Churchill. New arrival Wren Noni Haig of Vancouver will be finding that life in the Far North is a study in contrasts with her previous existence. (Photo from  Crowsnest Magazine, November 1953)

On those days when its mild enough to venture outdoors the Wrens serving at Churchill find themselves in a genuine winter wonderland. From Left to Right are Wrens:  Betty Jean Kelly, Betty Rivers, Norma McCallum, Juanita June Trotten, Sub-Lt Barbara Schmidt (Divisional Officer), June Patricia Buchanan, Doreen Patterson,  Lily Arnold, Phyllis Chandler, and Ruth Loraine Brown. 
(RCN photo #O-6457 from CROWSNEST, April 1954)

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