CHURCHILL - World War II Era

The following four photos were simply identified as "Churchill" on the their back side. They were taken  sometime between 1944 and 1945 by Lt. V.S. Curry, CD, RCN Ret'd, who served as a naval telegraphist. If anyone can help to identify the structure, please contact:

Above and below: Hjalmar Hansen, who served at Churchill after 1948, says "The characteristics of the building and area seems to match that of a naval radio station but the building shown here was not used during my time at Churchill ". Could this have been the station set up for the RCN in a storage hut owned by the National Harbours Board in 1943?
This is presumed to be the interior of the structure in the above photos. 
The only equipment which can be identified here is the Canadian Marconi CSR-5 receiver and a pair of oscilloscopes in the background. Note the crate supporting the receiver. 
All photos from the collection of Gerry Curry, son of Lt. V.S. Curry
Contributors and Credits:

1) Gerry Curry VE1GU   <gerry(at)>
2) Hjalmar Hansen <hjalmar(at)>

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