The UHF Radio Direction Finder AN/ARA25A uses signals received by any UHF radio set within the range of 225.0 - 399.9 MHz to indicate the bearing of radio signal sources. When a signal is being received, a 100
Hz tone is heard regardless of whether the incoming signal is amplitude modulated or unmodulated.

The equipment is controlled from a UHF radio set  There are up to 18 preset channels available for different ADF beacons. Included is an M or Manual position. In the manual position any frequency can be dialed in with the knobs at the top of the unit.

Bearing information from the UHF direction finder will be displayed on No. 1 needle of the pilots, co-pilots, and TACCO's BDHI (Bearing-Distance-Heading Indicator) providing the UHF TAC push-button on the applicable BDHI control panel is depressed.

AN/ARA-25 pictorial (From the collection of the Historic Naval Ships Association).
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Credits and References:

1)  Ian Snow  RCAF/CF retired.<va3qt-4(at)> ARA-25 excerpts
2) ARA-25  pictorial


Feb 13 /09