TRIBAL CLASS (DDE 213 to DDE 219)  Radio Fit - Introduction
HMCS Athabaskan is representing the modernized Tribals. (Photo courtesy RCN Submitted by George Webster)

This is a cutaway view of HAIDA. The radio fittings are those when she paid off on October 1963 and are representative of the other Tribals of that era. Radio 1 and Radio 2 were called Wireless Office # 1 and #2 respectively when commissioned in 1943. Radio 3, Radio 4, Message Centre and the Crypto Office all were post 1950 additions. (Graphic courtesy HMCS HAIDA National Historic Site)


Displacement : 2,200 standard; 2,744 tons (full load).
Length : 377 feet overall.
Beam : 37.5 feet.
Draught : 11 feet, 9 inches forward; 15 feet, 2 inches aft.
Engines : Two Parsons steam turbines; 22,000 shp each.
Boilers : Three, Admiralty 3 drum type.
Fuel Capacity : 520 tons of Bunker 'C' oil provided a range of 5,200 nm at 15 knots or 1,700 n/m at 20 knots.
Speed : 36.5 knots maximum.
Original cost for the four Tribals build at Vickers-Armstrong: 677,140 pounds Sterling (around $ Cdn 3.4 million in 1943).
Armament (in 1960): Four, 21 inch torpedo tubes. Two, twin 4 inch guns (A and B mounts - forward). Two, 3 inch 50 cal guns (aft mounting). Six, aft mounted, Squid mortar bomb launchers. Four, single barrel 40 mm Bofors.
Crew : 18- 20 officers; 230 men of other ranks.
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The documents which follow in this section describe the equipment in HAIDA's radio rooms from 1943 to 1963.

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