The following set of three photos depicts the 5RadU Main Operations Room likely from the early 1950's era. Jim Thoreson, who served in Whitehorse in 1961, says the wooden desks were gone by then being replaced with metal desks. In addition, the Operations Building had the Comm Center, the Intel (Intelligence) Room,  LRTS (Long Range Technical Search), Voice section, a training area and offices.  Also included was a huge diesel electric generator which could provide emergency power.
Dual Hammarlund SP-600 positions. At the right side, (background), are racks containing the high speed printer section complete with receivers and frequency shift converters. Atop the SP-600 receivers are slots which were used to hold Frequency Cards. These cards indicated what frequencies were to be monitored by the operator at that position.  (DND photo)
The buckets are labelled "Classified Waste". All classified waste was burned in those days.   (DND photo)
RCA AR-88/SP-600 position. It was noted that the AR88's supplied much better audio from broadcast stations than did the SP600s. Question- Was there any difference in functionality between this position and the dual SP600 position? Contact: jerry.proc@sympatico.ca  (DND photo)

Credits and References:

1) Jim Thoreson <jimthoreson(at)shaw.ca>
2) Earle Smith - VE6NM <ve6nm(at)rac.ca>

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