Featured here are various aircraft photos from varios sources:

Harvard AT-6 Trainer

Lancaster (C-GYRA) - This is one of two airworthy Lancaster examples left in the world and belongs to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Mount Hope (near Hamilton) Ontario. This particular aircraft has been fitted with a co-pilots position due to it's irreplaceable value. The original type only had one pilot up front.

Lancaster (FM104) - Since 1964, this Lancaster graced Toronto's waterfront. The aircraft last flew with RCAF #107 Rescue Unit based in Torbay Newfoundland . In 1999 it was realized that this priceless artifact from the past was deteriorating rapidly and if nothing was done to preserve it, the elements would eventually destroy it. On October 16, 1999, this was the scene at the waterfront as the aircraft was being dismantled and trucked in sections to it's new home at the Toronto Aerospace Museum ( located at the former Downsview Air Base). There, it will be resorted back to the condition of a static exhibit and the colours it flew as part of Rescue Unit #107. All this work is being performed with volunteer labour.

Bob Wilder, AF2HD  <>, TSgt USAF Retired, comments on this specific aircraft. "Remember this Lanc when it was at Torbay assigned to the 107th Rescue.  I was stationed at Pepperrell, the Snell Grove Airways stations and the Red Cliff AC&W Squadron over a period of 7 years.  Even today, I remember the motto of the 107th..."Stay where you're at and we'll come to where you're to"

PBY Catalina Cockpit - Taken in 1990 at the National Air Museum in Geneseo, New York. The radios are modern.

Sonic Boom Photo  - A spectacular photo of an aircraft making the transition from sub-sonic to supersonic flight.

T-38A Cockpit - Got this shot at an air show held in Hamilton Ontario in the late 1980's.

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