Agent Radio Operation During WWII
Aircraft Detection Corps
Art Gentry Retires - The Father of the Modern Repeater

Building Heathkits - Quality and Workmanship
Confessions - The First Person To Trash A Boatanchor
Fleaspeak - What Sellers Really Mean When They Say...
How True It Is! - What Engineers Mean When They Say...

PC User Woes - Several True Experiences
Prongs - A Tongue-in-Cheek Story About AC Plugs
Q Signals  - The Ones That Never Made It

Radio Bygones - Radio Communications in the Royal Australian Air Force
Rebirth of the Vacuum Tube - New Sources
Repairing Electronic Equipment - Hints For Those Stubborn Problems

Ten Commandments - For Electrical Engineers
The Queen in St. John's - A Message via Amateur Radio
The Telephone in Eastern Canada by Spud Roscoe, VE1BC
The Write-Only Memory - A Product Review

What's in a Name? - How the HRO Receiver Got Its Name
What Happened to Heathkit? - The Downfall

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May 18/20