CID 610

CID610 was the Canadian equivalent of Alvis (BID610) and was used by  Canada's Foreign Service communicators.
This CID-610 machine is on display at the Communications and Electronics Museum in Kingston, Ontario. (Photo by Jerry Proc)

Jim Fewer of St. John's, Newfoundland recalls the CID610. "In 1979 and 1980 I worked as an operator at CFS Debert in the tape relay centre. The CID 610 had a metal block with letters on one side and numbers on the top. There were (for lack of a better term) raised sliders on the block which you set to a key every day. At HJ time, you would change over keys. All I can remember is the drawer that opened and you slid the block in all the way and out and this changed over the key at HJ time. The drawer itself had a tempest seal around its edges.

One other thing I remember about these machines - they would go into alarm mode quite frequently and particularly on nights with lots of lightning activity or power outages. We (operators) used to constantly run in and out of the "back room"  to reset them".

Above and below: Closeup views of the top front panel. (Photos by Jerry Proc)

CID610/3 module underside. 
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Sept 25/08