A unmoderated mail list has been established for those folks whose interest lies in the area of preserving vintage crypto machines and exchanging ideas on this subject.


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Sent blank e-mail (both body and subject field) to:

To Unsubscribe:

Sent blank e-mail (both body and subject field) to:

Once enrolled, you will get a welcome message from the group . After
that, simply  post e-mail to:

Your very first e-mail to the group will be routed to the List Manager for approval.   After initial approval, subsequent  e-mails will be  sent directly to the group  without any moderation.


If you, as a list subscriber, are not seeing  your own mail being reflected back to you , there are several things to do. Check the following:

a) The Cryptocollectors mail server may have issues in the delivery of emails to your email server – if there are any bounces, they would be logged here:
b) Check your email provider’s spam and virus checking  rules. Their SPAM mail detector may be “overzealous” .Occasionally some valid emails end up in the Junk folder and put there by the email provider because it thought it was SPAM.

c) Check your own local spam/junk folder if you import your e-mails using an email tool/app such as  Outlook.



There is also a a USAF Facebook group on crypto. To join, do a search for "crypto". It will display a request to join message.

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Feb 4/22