A humorous logo from US Naval Intelligence. (Submitted by  Guy Lapointe) 

This is a 300 page yearbook covering all activities at Camp Gordon in 1954. It includes photos of the camp, staff, and students. There is even a section on M-209 training. (Photo and copy courtesy of:

This is a silver utility belt-style buckle made in Subic Bay, Philippines in 1985. It says NAV SEC GRU ACT (Naval Security Group Activity) across the top and Misawa Japan (Misawa AFB in northern Honshu) across the bottom. The rating insignia is Cryptologic Technician (CT). (Photo and copy courtesy:


This is a WWII, Federal Bureau of Investigation produced photograph of a message being "cracked" by an  FBI cipher analyst. On the actual photo, the message is readable and is shown to be a very simple, single substitution cipher - obviously staged for the occasion. Note the cipher machine seen at the analyst's left side. It has 24, two-sided sliding alphabet "sticks" held in a tray and retained by clear plastic covers. Each stick has the letters of the alphabet in ascending order while the other side of the sticks have the alphabet in descending order. The crypto device is propped up against a Spanish dictionary. Also evident is a copy of the Revised Edition of Ueda's Daijiten (a rather intense Japanese dictionary) in the original photograph which measures 4 by 4.75 inches.  (Photo and copy courtesy of an unidentified seller on E-bay).

This unique mug has the NSA logo on one side and an encrypted message on the other. When you put hot coffee or tea in the mug, it displays the plain message. (Photo via E-bay).
Hanza, Okinawa Ashtray. ( Photo by William Stautberg <wstautberg(at)> )
Code key Christmas ornament (Photo via E-bay)

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