A Badge Comes Home from Crowsnest Magazine
A Brief History of HMCS Iroquois - Directorate of History, NDHQ
A Chronicle of Events in August 1944 - by Ted Doyle
A "Salty" Tale  - by Britt Deedo
Convoy "Faith" Air Attack Report - by Commander W.B. Holms
Fish and Ships  - by John B. Clark
German Tanks Attack A Tribal  - by Tom Ingham
Happy Warriors - by James Dowell
Iroquois And The Storm of 1959 - by Glen Stewart
Laundry Department Aboard the Iroquois  - by Peter Fane
Landing on Isle D' Yeu - by Tom Ingham
Man Overboard - by Jim Dowell
Modeler's Paint Scheme - By Keith Butterley 
My Life in the Navy - By Les Roberts
Remembering Our Veterans - By Juanita Ivany
Results Report Mid 1944 - by Captain (D) Basil Jones
Sea Rescue - The S.S. Duchess of York  - Edited by Jerry Proc
The Aftermath from Crowsnest Magazine by J.L.W.
The Halifax Explosion of 1945- By Ted Doyle 
The Lynching (?) In The Stokers Mess  - by Andy Yule
Surviving on Stormy Seas  - by Phil Reimer
UFO Watch  - by George MacFarlane
War Souvenirs - by Ted Doyle
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