843 Receiver


Frequency Coverage :2100 to 4250 metres
Circa: 1915.

* The 843, 844, 2843, and 2848 receivers were all part of a series. Model 843 has an audio transformer ,and extra terminals for an external tuning coil.
* This receiver is held in the collection of the Antique Wireless Association Museum.
* It is similar in appearance to the Canadian Marconi 2843
* The 1910 catalog says that all of the crystals are carborundum.

843 receiver. The controls are noted as follows.

On the front panel:

* The aerial tuning condenser knob is at the  lower center of the panel. This is called an Disc Tuning Condenser.
* There are two extra binding posts on the front panel for an external band coil .
* A plug switch above them is used for shorting the two posts together 
* An internal audio transformer is used.  These all appear to be factory installations. 
* The two tubular devices on each end of the panel are Billy condensers. One Billy is for short wave and the other for long wave. 
* The triple pole ,triple throw switch on the left is for switching to ether of the two crystal detectors ,or the external magnetic detector. The other 3 P, 3T  switch is for 3 bands.

On the side: 
* The  potentiometer on the side of the cabinet at the very bottom is for varying bias voltage to the carborundum detectors. 
* Three binding posts are for the bias batteries. 
* The tap switch above the posts varied the aerial tuning inductance. 

843 side view.
All photos in this table by Lewis Bodkin

843_receiver_schematic_s_100_0294.jpg This is the schematic for the 843 receiver. Click on thumbnail to enlarge.. This diagram is pasted to  the back of the 843 receiver held by the AWA Museum (Provided by Lewis Bodkin) 

Contributors and Credits:

1) Lewis Bodkin  <05bodkin555(at)gmail.com>

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