108-944  RECEIVER (RN21 Relative)

Model :  The model number is not known at this time. It appears to be a variant or relative of the Canadian Marconi model RN-21 receiver. If anyone can identify this receiver my model number, please contact: jerry.proc@sympatico.ca
Type: 108-944  superheterodyne receiver
Range: 550 KHz to 6.8 MHz

Tube lineup:

RF Amp - 6SG7
Oscillator/mixer - 6SA7
IF Amp - 6SG7
Detector/noise limiter/1st audio - 6SQ7
Audio output - 6K6
Rectifier - 6X5

Power input: 32 VDC.
Circa : ?
Comment: This radio was designed to operate on 32 Volts DC (common on ships)
It has a noise limiter that is not included on the RN-21
The power input terminal strip as well as the speaker/antenna connection terminal board are located on the back of the front panel.
The ID plate only bears the type number, which is different from the RN21 type number.

108-944 front view.
108-944 top view.
108-944 top and rear view.
108-944 nameplate.
All photos in this table by Tom Brent

Contributors and Credits:

1) Tom Brent <navyradiocom(at)gmail.com>

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Dec 18/17