13939 MCW Transmitter


Frequency range:  200 meter band (1500 KHz)
Type:  MCW transmitter
Power output: The MT3 tube had a plate dissipation of 40 watts so the RF outoput wouod have been kess than this amount.
Vintage: 1922
Enclosure: Mahogany case with hard rubber front panel

Transmitter with tube $150
MT3 rube only $50
#406 transmitting key $5
Silicon bronze aerial wire -  84 cents per 100 feet
Electrose corrugated insulators -  55 cents  each

Comments. This transmitter was sold to both the commercial and amateur radio marketplace.

13939 transmitter. 
13939 schematic It looks like the RF signal is being modulated with 60 Hz from a secondary winding on the transformer to generate an MCW signal. . 
Images courtesy Scientific Experimenter Limited catalogue, February 1922

Contributors and Credits:

1) SEL Catalogue Feb 1922

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