2843 Receiver


Frequency Coverage : 300 - 2500 meters in three ranges.
Circuit: It can detect stations using its own galena crystals or alternately can be attached to  a magnetic detector.
Circa: Believed to be around 1915.

* The 843, 844, 2843, and 2848 receivers were all part of a series.
* This receiver is in the collection of the SPARC Museum.  It is very similar in appearance to the Canadian Marconi 843 receiver.

2843 receiver,  S/N 133. Click on image to enlarge. (SPARC Museum photo courtesy Bruce MacMillan)

2843 nameplate. (SPARC Museum photo courtesy Bruce MacMillan)

2843_schematic_ dscf4186_s.jpg This is the schematic for the 2843 receiver. Click on thumbnail to enlarge. (Prorvided by Lewis Bodkin) 

Contributors and Credits:

1) Bruce MacMillan <radio(at)telus.net>
2) Lewis Bodkin  <05bodkin555(at)gmail.com>

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April 3/18