2 kw Broadcast Transmitter of 1923


Model: For lack of a proper model name, this device is hereby referred to as the "2 kw Broadcast Transmitter of 1923"
Modes: AM
Frequency Range: Broadcast band. Station CKAC in Montreal operated this transmitter on 430 metres (697 KHZ)
Power Input: 2 kw (anode voltage of 20,000 volts)
Power output: 1.25 kw
Antenna current: 10 to 11 amps.
Frequency Control: Master oscillator (assumed)
Tubes: 6
Mains power: 115 VAC
Circa: 1923 .
Range:  300  miles
Comment: An article on the 2 kw transmitter which appeared in Radio News of Canada 1923, cites the following power ratings:

Oscillator:  2 kilowatts  (The RF output stage is assumed to be part of the oscillator ).
Two modulators of 1 kilowatts each
Two rectifiers  rated at 2 kilowatts.
An under (?)  modulator of 100 watts

2kw_broadcast_ tx_1923_01 (2).jpg
2 kw transmitter front view.  (Library and Archives Canada photo)
2kw_broadcast_ tx_1923_02.jpg
A variant of the 2 kw transmitter (Library and Archives Canada photo)
2kw_broadcast_ tx_1923_03.jp
Rectifier unit for 2 kw transmitter. (Library and Archives Canada photo)

Contributors and Credits:

1) Lewis Bodkin <5bodkin555(at)gmail.com>
2) Radio News of Canada,  Dec. 1923

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