34160 Portable Trouble Finder


Type: 34160
Spec: 34330
Frequency Range:  520 KHz to 1470 KHz
Circa: 1930's
Tubes: 1x 232; 4 x 230
Power Source: One 45 VDC B+ (Burgess 5308 or equiv.)
                          Two 4.5 VDC A+ (Burgess 2370 or equiv.) in parallel.
Comment: Used for finding sources of radio interference.

The unit (s/n 139) is enclosed in a wooden case and has a phenolic front panel. Note the canvas carrying strap with the anti-fraying metal crimps. (Photo by Jacques Hamel)
Rear view of unit. Note the battery compartment at the bottom of the tester. Affixed to the back cover is the schematic. (Photo by Jacques Hamel)
Rear view with shock absorbing sponges removed. Download image to enlarge. An example of this device is held by the Hammond Radio Museum. (Photo by Lewis Bodkin)
troub_find_04as.jpg Click on image for an enlargement of the  schematic. (Photo by Jacques Hamel)


Contributors and Credits:

1) Jacques Hamel VE2DJG <hamja(at)videotron.ca>
2) Lewis Bodkin  <05bodkin555(at)gmail.com>

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Mar 1/18