5VP4-37560 Receiver


Type: 5 tube regenerative set.
Frequency Range: 1666 KHz (180 metres) to 2500 KHz (120 metres)
Tube lineup: 2 x 24, 35,47, 80
Power source: 115 VAC 60 Hz, 60 watts.
Circa: ?
Comment: This radio had the capability  to tune the old police band which was situated above standard broadcast. The first police radio systems were effectively designed  to get a phone call reaction from the police officer on the beat who received the radio message from HQ Then came two -way radios.

This receiver could have been used on the old Canadian marine band on the west coast which was situated in the same frequency range. Marine services operated as low as 1630 KHz.

In Quebec,  monitoring receivers such as this were installed in the homes of volunteer firemen to alert them of a big fire.  That way,  all the firemen could be alerted simultaneously .

Front view with chassis removed. This is a single, preset-frequency receiver enclosed in a metal case. 
Top view of chassis. The single preset receive frequency could be altered by adjusting the control in the top of the can located to the left of the power transformer. One of the chassis controls is for volume while the other is for regeneration. 
Rear of cabinet showing speaker detail.
Primary nameplate 
Secondary identification. 
All photos in this table by Bruce Ruttan


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