Type: Part of Series of shipboard tuners
Frequency range: Short or Long Wave

* The 843, 844, 2843, and 2848 receivers were all part of a series.The 844 can tune either short wave or long wave ,but not both,since it only has one crystal detector.
*The knob on the side of this series of tuners operates a variable inductor also called a variocoupler, or variometer. The 844 would have had either an  inductor or Billi condenser for tuning short wave or long wave transmissions but not both. The back of the photo indicates that the device is a tuner. Because it incorporates a detector, it is more properly called a receiver.

844 shipboard receiver. 
844 interior view.
Photos courtesy Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa. Provided by Lewis Bodkin

Credits and Contributors:

1)  Lewis Bodkin  <05bodkin555(at)gmail,com>
2) Millar Studio, 1193 Phillips Square, Montreal;
3) Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa

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Apr 3/18