AR-4 Portable Receiver

Type : Six tube, portable MF/HF receiver. One RF and IF stage.
Frequency Range: 500 KHz to 10 MHz in four bands.
Power sources: 'A' battery 1.4 volts with 200-300 ma draw; 90V 'B' battery with 10 ma draw.
Operating range: -40C to +55C
Dimensions: 18 in x 15 in x 10 in
Weight: 42 pounds
RCAF type designator: 10D/1279

AR-4 portable receiver. (Photo courtesy Canadian Marconi)

Manual - Part 1
Manual - Part 2
These RCAF manuals were provided by Tom Brent. 

1) There is a typo in the "Circuit" paragraph in that it states that the radio is an 8 tube circuit when it is actually only 6 tubes.
2) The schematic is a simplified version and does not show all the bandswitching and coils.

Contributors and Credits:

1) Tom Brent <tgb(at)>

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Apr 11/11