AT-1 and AT-7 Transmitters

The AT1 and AT-7 transmitters were made for the RCAF by Canadian Marconi and intended for airborne use. An AT-2 receiver was paired with the AT-2 receiver on 12V.   The AT-7 was the 24 volt version of the AT-1 and was paired with the AR-6 ( 24 VDC) receiver.


Type: RCAF 10D/1267
Modes: CW/MCW/ Voice.  Six selectable tones on MCW.
Frequency Range: 1.5 to 20 MHz (plus 375 and 500 KHz) for the transmitter and
                                 140 to 400 KHz plus 480 KHz to 21 MHz for the receiver.
Power Output:  15 watts
Frequency Control: Two channels: "A" MF and "B" HF which can be either master oscillator or
                                  crystal controlled. This set uses 3 prong crystals.
Tube lineup: 3 x RK-39, 1 x 6J5 and 1x 6H6
Primary power:  12 or 24 VDC. The operating voltage is printed on the front panel.
Circa: 1943

One application for these radios found its way into the Blackburn Shark aircraft.
In another application,  the AT-1 radio was fitted into boats of the RCAF marine squadrons.

AT-1 transmitter. (Photo by Jerry Proc)

Top view
Bottom view.   (Photos in this table via E-bay)

With AT-1 fitted in the carrying case. 
Carrying case markings.
Carrying case photos via E-bay

Contributors and Credits:

1) Observations on the RCAF AT1/AR2 by Dave Lawrence, VA3ORP
2) Copy from E-bay which accompanied the AT-1.
3) Tom Brent <navyradiocom(at)>

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