Above and below:  These FT-164 crystals were known to have been used in MF or LF transmitters. The two large pins are offset with one being higher than the other. The red crystal is cut for 417 KHz while the black Marconi crystal is cut for 417 KHz. THe FT-164 crystal is known to have been used in Press Wireless PW-15 transmitters. (Photos by Reed Park VE1NU)

Tan coloured crystal holder. (Photo by Pierre Lewis)

Width: 1 9/16" (standing) 
Thickness:  11/16"
Height: 1 3/4" + 5/8" for pins. The pins are 3/4 apart
Frequency: 2468
Type: BM

This is the black case crystal holder that is very common and was produced by Candian Marconi in huge quantities. The other case markings are S 8860 and ZA 27616. Was there an official FT-xxx designator for this crystal holder? If so, contact: 
Case dimensions are: 1.625" wide x .625" thick x 1.75" deep. Pin spacing is 0.75" Pin length is .5625" (Both photos in this table by Jerry Proc)

Contributors and Credits:

1) E. Reed T. Park VE1NU  <ertpark003(at)>
2) Pierre Lewis <leware(at)>
3) Gregory Farrell <gregf(at)>

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Jan 8/16