Frequency range 175 - 550 KHz, 1.6 - 3.4 MHz, 3.5 - 7.5 MHz,  7-16 MHz and 14 - 29 MHz.
Type: Appears to be a superheterodyne.
Circa: ?

Does anyone have more info on it? Contact: jerry.proc@sympatico.ca

This CSR-3 example can be found at the Hammond Radio Museum.  (Photo by Jerry Proc)
Closeup of frequency to dial numbers chart. (Photo by Jerry Proc) 
Radio collector Denis Chouinard VE2DSH provides some photos of chassis details. The lower photo shows the antenna terminals.  (Photos by Denis Chouinard)

CSR-3 - front view of Serial # 120. The frequency chart in this example is missing, however the photo shows that the receiver came in a light grey cabinet. finish  
CSR-3  - Chassis rear view
CSR-3 - chassis top view
CSR-3  - bottom view
All CSR-3 photos in this table via E-bay. Download image to enlarge. Note that the receiver shown in this table has been heavily  modified  by substituting some of the original octal tubes with miniature types. The transformer with the Hammond identification plate also appears to be from another era. 


Contributors and Credits:

1) Denis Chouinard VE2DSH <denischouinard(at)enter-net.com>

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July 1/20