CSR-4 Receiver

Type: Superheterodyne
Modes: CW/AM
Circa: 1940 ?

Looking for a CSR-4 manual . Contact: jerry.proc@sympatico.ca

February 1942: An intercept operator at Hartlen Point, N.S. is using a Canadian Marconi CSR-4 receiver. At the left side is a Hammarlund receiver most likely  the SP-200. (Photo submitted by Laval Desbiens VE2QM)
CSR-4B at station VAU. (Photo credit - Dr. H . B . Sabean)

Contributors and Credits:

1) Laval Desbiens <desbienslaval(at)gmail.com>
2) Spud Roscoe <spudroscoe(at)eastlink.ca>
3) Arthur Crowell  <af(at)ns.sympatico.ca>

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