13470 Detector / 13460 Amplifier


Frequency Range: ?
ID: # 13470 Detector and #13460 Amplifier

The detector was actually called an Amplifying Detector and came in a 7" x 7" x 7" enclosure with a hard rubber front panel. It was marketed to both the amateur and commercial marketplace.  Sold without the V24 tube and B battery.  In the Marconi catalogue of September 1921, it was listed as item #201 and sold for $25 originally.

The audio frequency amplifier consisted of two stages within a 7 x 7" x 7" enclosure. Sold as item # 200 in the September 1921 Marconi catalogue, it came without V24 tubes and 'B' battery and sold for $50. It was marketed to both the commercial and amateur marketplace.

Comment: Known to have been used at Bamfield, British Columbia cable station to receive messages from cable ships as they arrived in port. It was featured in the September 1921 Marconi catalogue but not in the 1922 edition. The Marconi Model C replaced this detector/amplifier pair.

Detector-amplifier. Note the use of V24 tubes, (Photo by Bruce MacMillan)

Marconi named his company Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd  in 1900. This V24 tube (Pat. Appn.  No. 28413-13) whose circa is WWI, would be common to both British and Canadian radio sets. 

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