DN16 Marine Radio Telephone


Use: Marine Radiotelephone
Frequency range: Transmit - 156.3 to 157.4 MHz
                                Receive - 156.3 to 157.4 MHz
                                                  161.9 to 162.0 MHz
Channels :8
Power Output : 25 watts
Modes: FM voice only
Manual Reference # 645
Variants: DN-16R and DN-16T

The DN-16 is an 8 channel VHF-FM marine radiotelephone. It is comprised of a basic receiver-transmitter unit with built in power suppy for operation on 115 VAC, 60 Hz power sources (DN-16). For operation on 12 VDC, the model DN-16R is used and for 32 volts, the model DN-16T. If a DN-16 is to be operated on a DC source, then a DC to AC converter of appropriate rating must be used.

The radiotelephone may be operated in any other frequency bands similar to the above whose limits may not be greater than 1.1 MHz within the frequency range of 148 to 174 MHz.

DN-16 marine radiotelephone. (Canadian Marconi photo via Bruce MacMillan, SPARC Museum)

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1)  Bruce MacMillan VE7MT <radio(at)telus.net>

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Feb 22/08