DT-65  Mobile Radio


Type: FM Transceiver
Frequency Range: 148-174 MHz
Power Output: 30 watts
Frequency Control: 3 crystal controlled channels.
Microphone: Marconi 30 ohm hand held mike bearing part number 165-475/54
Circa: 1960's
Power Input 13.5 VDC.
Comments: It was known as the "rugged mobile" because  it incorporated long-life tubes typically rated for 10,000 hours. The front panel was designed so the transceiver could be mounted under the dash and operate as a integrated unit, or the front panel could be detached, mounted under the dash with the transceiver body located in the trunk of the vehicle or elsewhere.

Front view.  (E-bay Photo )
Rear  view. (E-Bay Photo)

Interior view.  (E-bay Photo)

DT65 as seen in the marketing brochure. (Image via E-bay)

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Apr 11/19